Jewelry Stax™ - Rotating Over the Door Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Is your jewelry in a box, or in a drawer and completely tangled and in a mess?

Jewerly Stax™ Over the Door Jewelry Organizer is your solution! Another Boottique space-saving product, Jewelry Stax™ hangs and displays your entire jewelry collection in one place.

Easily accessible and and easy to use- no tools required! Just hang it up and hang your jewelry. Simple, yet effective. With 12 hooks total, Jewelry Stax™ is tested to hold up to 50 pounds, so load it up with your entire jewelry collection!

The vertical hanging system fits on any standard closet rod or hook, or over any standard door using the Over-the-Door Valet, which is included. Jewelry Stax™ rotates 360 degrees to easily see and access each and every accessory and allows you to build your outfit from the accessories up. 

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