Meet Lindsay Soko





Boottique was founded with the mission to invent better ways to get people organized. More organized means more efficient, and more efficient means more effective! Lindsay Soko's own life is happily hectic; she wears many hats. In addition to running Boottique, she is a wife, mother, step-mother, and attorney. She definitely understands the need to streamline and simplify. 

Most of Boottique’s products were invented out of necessity.  Lindsay is a fundamental problem solver, and an innate entrepreneur.  Faced with organizational problems in her own closet a few years back, she looked to the marketplace for a solution.  She wanted to find a way to get her fashion boots off the floor. Finding no solutions, she solved her own problem by inventing The Boot Hanger™.

Having identified an unaddressed consumer need with this first product, Lindsay knew we could do more.  So we did!  Boottique has grown year-over-year and we have expanded our product offerings to include over 50 products. We now hold 7 patents.

At Boottique, we approach every aspect of our busy lives with passion, zest and enthusiasm. Lindsay is constantly brainstorming her next invention, and enjoys doing so with her staff of “Boottique Babes.”  Lindsay is not one to shy away from a challenge or cut any corner, and we look forward to a bright future ahead.


At Boottique we provide “sophisticated solutions to organize and improve your life.” We offer innovative storage and organization products with a specific focus on solving everyday problems with simple, yet effective, solutions. Our unique collection is designed by women, for women. (Although we have created products for men too!)

We feel that storage can and should be feminine and elegant—an extension of your personal style. Getting organized is a necessary task, so why not make it more enjoyable?

Our brand is inspired by the sophistication of Paris, the luxury of designer goods, and the joy of simplicity--both in life and in one’s home.  Our founding product is The Boot Hanger, designed out of love for fashion and a desire to protect boots from the deteriorating factors of time and improper storage. In the years following the creation of The Boot Hanger, Boottique has continuously expanded offerings to include an entire line of unique closet and home storage items, as well as shoe and boot care accessories.

Boottique has been featured on national television, countless consumer product and lifestyle websites, and high-profile publications, including The Washington Post, Better Homes and Gardens,  Real Simple, Cabin Life, and the center spread of InStyle Magazine.

Our mission with every product remains the same: add sophistication and glamour while organizing and simplifying your life.