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Products: What to buy!  "Save precious closet space and keep your beloved boots from creasing with this clever cascading storage system."

2016 Eureka! awards honor Minnesota innovators (Video): Lindsay Soko supports local entrepreneurs and businesses by judging the 2016 Eureka! Competition 

  • June 6, 2016 Features Boot Stax™ as a “Top News Stories” Slide 

Stop wasting valuable closet space on boots: This miracle product not only stores your boots in the most compact way possible, it also keeps the leather looking brand new. 

Boottique- Organize Everything (Clothes, Boots & Shoes) with Style!:  "Boottique is going to be one of the best things to happen to you this year.  Their innovative and original organizing products allow to you keep your gear organized, no matter how small your space. Fascinating storage solutions (they create space when you could have swornthere wasn't an inch of give left) made with women in mind (I don't see no men needing to worry about how to store their boots and shoes), these fashionable accessories will help you not only get organized, but ensure it stays that way. Uh huh."

Boottique Hanging Boot Organizer System- A Review: "I got my hands on Boottique’s ‘”Double Decker Boot Caddy”‘ which includes 12 branded boot hangers, (a great boot travel accessory btw!) and a transparent boot cover to help protect your boots, in the mix too. Yes, that gets 12 boots off of your floors & neatly tucked into your closet, ladies!"

5 Travel Accessories for Boot & Shoe Lovers: "This secret money holder for travel that tucks neatly into boots, is probably my favorite of the travel accessories I’ve come across thus far."

Double your shoe storage in seconds:  "Shoe Stax™ double storage space by fitting two pairs of shoes in the space of one. Shoes remain easily accessible and organized, allowing for easy creation of outfits without rummaging through boxes or searching for missing mates..."

The Best Way to Store Your Fall Boots:  "This genius hanger set is truly a life-saver for the space-challenged. The whole thing just takes up seven inches of your closet – think of all the precious space you'll finally get back! Each hanger holds eight pairs of boots and displays them vertically so that one pair cascades over the other..." 

Reboot your closet--space-saving storage: "Luckily, the Boot Stax™ hangers from Boottique solves your storage quandary, by hanging up your boots in a space-efficient way that will handsomely display your favorite fall pairs..."

    Meet the Eureka! Awards judges (Photos): Lindsay Soko is a shareholder at Minneapolis-based law firm Fredrikson & Byron, as well as an inventor and entrepreneur.  

    Eureka! Awards judges:  "To sell the products, Sokolowski started Boottique, Inc., an online store that now offers a line of shoe storage and closet organization options.  To help other women entrepreneurs and business owners, Sokolowski works with the Women's Business Development Center, advising on certification and legal issues, as well as acting as a mentor for those who are looking to take on new roles."

    "I want to thank the other judges, all innovative and knowledgeable achievers in their own right, for all their time and effort: Lindsay Sokolowski, Jeremy Lenz, Ernest Grumbles, and Greg Grankenfield.  They truly wanted to get the Eureka! Awards off on the right path and approached the task accordingly."

    40 Under 40 2014 Secrets to Success: Lindsay Sokolowski, Boottique Inc. (Video):  "Although Lindsay Sokolowski is a successful shareholder at the law firm of Fredrikson & Byron, as well as mother to a toddler and two stepsons, she cleared time in her hectic schedule for two more roles: inventor and entrepreneur."

    Products: What to buy.  Transform your dressing and grooming spaces with fashion-forward add-ons: "yee-haw: Protect boots and save space when you hang up to 10 pairs on this rack..."

    Forever 21 sued by Twin Cities inventor over boot hangers: "The Minnesota lawyer who invented Boottique Boot Hangers is suing Forever 21, a major retailer that she said is using a knock-off of her patented product at the Mall of America without permission."

    Lindsay Sokolowski--This Attorney Finds an Outlet for Fashion: "Lindsay Sokolowski looks like she might play a lawyer on TV.  And that made it challenging to success in the courtroom.  'I had a hard time being taken seriously,' says Sokolowski, 35, who refused to pin back her long blond hair or dress in--horror!--navy suits.  But she insists it is quite possible to litigate and love fashion.  'I just had to be smarter and better.' She made partner at Fredrikson & Byron by age 30--dressed like a lady.  And a lady likes boots..."

    Top 6 Items to Simplify Your Life:  "Real Simple's mission, through its 11 years, has been to make your life easier with smart finds like these.  Boot Hanger.  Boots simply don't fit in most shoe racks.  Rather than throwing them on the floor of your closet, store them on a hanger..." 

    Time to Re-Boot:  "Store and protect your kickers with the Boot Holder.  Clips are designed to hang footwear in a space-efficient way and are lined to prevent boots from damage.  Plus they're strong enough to hold your heaviest mukluks..." 

    The Media is Blown Away by our Moms In the Spotlight!:  "The Boot Hanger team is busy filling orders after fantastic features from Washington Post Magazine, WLS Chicago,, and countless fashion bloggers!"