The Flip Flop Hanger™


Our New Edition Flip Flop Hanger is a one-of-a-kind hanger designed to organize flip-flops, sandals, and other shoes.

  • Unique design provides a customized space for hanging any style of sandals--including wedges, slingbacks, platforms, flip flops and more--keeping them off the floor, within easy reach. Simply hang one shoe on either side of the "mustache" hook, or by the back strap.
  • Made with high quality velvet ribbon, doubled for extra strength, and strong metal hooks.  
  • Ready to hang from nearly anywhere--place it in your closet or display in the back of a door or wall. 
  • Each Flip Flop Hanger holds 7 pairs of sandals, wedges or slingbacks, and includes a silver S-hook for hanging compatibility with nearly any closet rod, door or hook.

The Over the Door Flip Flop Sandal Store System is ready to hang from nearly anywhere--it comes with the Over the Door Valet--which fits on most standard residential doors. 



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