Dance Costume Bag™ (Includes Mini Bag) - Amazon's Choice

Bag it up!

Organize and transport children's dance costumes with our perfectly sized, see-through garment bags. Sturdy construction, high quality lining, and a convenient side zipper allow for easy (and sophisticated!) preservation of expensive children's dance costumes. Includes a matching mini bag to store cosmetics, hair clips, and other small accessories. Now comes in Small and Medium sizes.

Choose from:

1 small or medium dance bag + 1 mini bag + 1 Curly Hanger™
1 small or medium dance bag + 1 mini bag 
single small or medium dance bag or
single mini bag

Small Dance Bag: 18" W x 26" L
Medium Dance Bag: 19" W x 33" L
Mini Bag: 9" W x 8" L

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