Purse Stax™ Purse Hanger - Purse and Handbag Vertical Organizer (Single or 2-Pack)


Are your purses at the very top or very bottom of your closet, or stashed away in bins? Does finding that one specific clutch for your special occasion involve lots and lots of digging?  

  • Hang and display your entire handbag collection in one place.
  • Easily accessible and easy to use - no tools required. Just hang it up and hang your purses.
  • With 6 hooks on each side, a minimum of 12 purses can hang vertically.  Tested to hold up to 50 pounds, load it up with your entire purse collection!
  • The vertical hanging system fits on any standard closet rod or hook, or over most standard doors using the Over-the-Door Valet (included.)
  • Rotates to easily see and access each and every handbag.
  • Use multiple Purse Stax to store handbags/accessories by size, color, style or season.

Use with our patented Boot Hangers™ to store both your purses and your fashion footwear.  

Single UPC: 712201251111

2-Pack UPC: 712201251593

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